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Discover how to break out of your mental boundaries and overcome societal limitations with this ultimate guide to black self-empowerment.

Going through life as a person of color, it can often seem, with good reason, that the system is rigged against you. You're basically forced to play life on hard mode with no end or reward in sight, walking on eggshells when interacting with the wider world and having to question if you will ever be good enough. Sometimes—especially if you're focused on improving yourself—you're forced to prove yourself to both subordinates, peers and superiors that you're more than your "less than ideal" background.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

In this powerful guide to self-improvement designed for black people, Chase McGhee has taken it upon himself to carefully re-educate and re-acquaint every black man, woman and child with our history and open your eyes to our collectively vast potential just waiting to be tapped.

With profound insights into black history, economics and culture that has yet to be taught on a systemic level, Voice of the Ancestors is a book that is full of unconventional, yet effective solutions for problems that we've been forced to deal with as a race, providing people of color everywhere with a solid foundation their consciousness needed to build a strong, prosperous black culture.

Voice of the Ancestors: Removing the Shackles and Chains from Your Mind (Volume

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