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In this inspirational memoir, Regina Thompson shares how multiple cancer diagnoses launched her into a journey of self discovery. This journey brought her through a range of realizations and bestowed upon her many critical spiritual life lessons. Cancer forced Regina to peel back the layers of her past as she came to the understanding that in order to navigate through her journey with cancer, she would have to release the toxicity that she had swept away from her past. This disease robbed the lives of many of her family members on the paternal side of her family. Regina was forced to take on the task of turning this nightmare into a purpose filled discovery. Cancer diagnoses gave Regina the opportunity to open her heart space and receive the undying love and support from her many friends and loving family. This love and support made way for the spirit of survival and the will to live, it was the beginning of surrendering.

I Surrendered by Regina Thompson

SKU: Paperback
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